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[1] Eppelbaum L. Geophysical Potential Fields: Geological and Environmental Applications. — PO BOX 211, AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, 1000 AE: PO BOX 211, AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, 1000 AE, 2019. — 467 p. Geophysical Potential Fields considers the similarities and differences of potential geophysical fields (gravity, magnetic, thermal, self-potential, and resistivity). The influence of different kinds of noise on the potential fields is discussed in detail, and ways for eliminating these disturbances are proposed. For qualitative analysis of the mentioned fields, filtering and transformation procedures are briefly considered. Information approaches and integrated analysis are also discussed in more detail. For quantitative analysis of magnetic anomalies observed in complex physical–geological environments (oblique magnetization, rugged terrain relief, and unknown level of the normal field) special interpretation methodologies are discussed. These methodologies were adapted for quantitative analysis of other potential fields. Geophysical Potential Fields includes case studies of deep structure, hydrocarbon and ore deposit exploration, environmental investigations and tectono-structural mapping. This book is useful for geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, archaeologists, ecologists, seismologists, and volcanologists. • Clearly demonstrates the successive stages of geophysical field analysis for different geological and environmental targets • Provides a unified system for potential geophysical field analysis that is demonstrated by numerous examples of system application • Demonstrates the possibilities for rapidly and effectively interpreting anomalies, receiving some knowledge of modern wavelet, diffusion maps, and informational approach applications in geophysics, and combined gravity-magnetic methodology of 3D modelling Lev Eppelbaum has written 380 publications, including 9 books, 12 chapters in books, and about 135 peer-reviewed articles. He is currently Research Professor in the Department of Geophysics at Tel Aviv University. Previously, he was a Senior Researcher in the Gravity-Magnetic Department at the Southern Branch of the All-Union Geophysical Institute in Azerbaijan. His research interests include application of potential geophysical field analysis for tectonic and geodynamic reconstructions, environmental and archaeological geophysics, searching economic deposits, and integrated geophysical data examination. He is the recipient of several awards, including the Christiaan Huygens medal of the EGU.

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